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When could I be treated using progesterone?
Progesterone is an endogenous steroid hormone secreted by the corpus luteum, transforming the proliferative endometrial state to a secretive endometrial state. Progesterone preparations are part of the assisted reproductive techniques (ART) of infertile women and are used in luteal phase support.
How do I keep Prolutex®
Store at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight and do not refrigerate or freeze.
How do I keep Cyclogest®
Since it melts at body temperature (36.5℃), it should be stored below 25℃. In particular, refrigeration storage is recommended to avoid places where temperatures can rise high in summer (e.g., inside the car).
Can I use Prolutex® injection at multiple times?
It is consisted by single dose of injection per vial and must be used after opening.
Can I use it when a precipitate is found on Prolutex®?
The solution is colorless and transparent, so it cannot be used if discoloration or foreign substances are found.
When is the expiration date of the product?
Prolutex®: 2 years (24 months) from the date of manufacture.
Cyclogest® 200mg: 3 years (36 months) from the date of manufacture.
Cyclogest® 400mg: 4 years (48 months) from the date of manufacture.
Can I continue using the syringe I used?
Discard disposable syringes once used according to the instructions and do not reuse them.
What are the advantages comparing to progesterone intramuscular injection?
Prolutex®: Due to the characteristics of its aqueous solution, the bioavailability is very high and self-subcutaneous injection is possible, increasing convenience.
Cyclogest®: Increased convenience of being able to use without the applicator (applicator : device assisting intra vaginal insertion)